Your home will get the exposure it deserves. My marketing systems maximize your property's exposure to buyers. Neighborhood tracking tools and buyer calling systems allow me to reach active buyers who want to know about your listing. Of course E-Flyers to all the sales agents in the area, announcing the listing and the open houses to give them full appreciation of the Value of your home. Full exposure in all the important web sites (Zillow, Trulia,, Redfin, as well as print media.  We will also be able to provide "number of views" of your home, to have a 'metric' of the internet generated traffic. Let's face it, if we don't have a handle of those important statistics/numbers, we couldn't measure our progress and be able to tweak our targeting when deemed necessary.  Wouldn't you agree?

Your home will be priced right to leverage the 'sweet spot' of market timing from your initial listing date. Should the price need adjustments due to fluctuations in day to day macro and micro markets, I will move quickly to navigate around any obstacles and ensure your home sells quickly.  I will personally give you an 'educational tour by car' of your competition, and make sure you can see for yourself the homes in an equivalent price range and strive to collaborate on a mutually agreeable selling price point, after studying and applying this knowledge of how other 'similar sold homes in your neighborhood that sold in the last six months become the market baseline.


Your home will put it's best foot forward. Homes sell because of correct pricing and great presentation. I know what it takes to make the terrific first impression that will get your home sold. You don't get a second chance to make a first impression! A review of almost 3,000 properties in 8 cities found that staged homes, on average, sold in half the time than non-staged homes did.  Most buyers make decisions (emotionally first (within the first 15 secs. of entering your home), then later justify intellectually. Adding cost effective amenities and improving the general cleanliness and condition of the home is what we call 'staging.'  When a seller stages a home, one of two things happens:  The home becomes more valuable than other comparable properties in that price rance, or the home gets moved up in price and becomes the lowest priced home in the next higher price bracket or category.
Gary Dornfeld
Gary Dornfeld